Live arrears management

Manage late payments before they become a serious problem.

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Better cash flow

Better cash flow

Proactive payment reminders encourage tenants to pay on time, improving your business cash flow.

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Live arrears data, 24/7

Live arrears data, 24/7

PayProp is bank-integrated, regularly checking your client account so you can always see if a tenant has paid – even at 3am.

Instant arrears alerts

Instant arrears alerts

PayProp shows and notifies you when a tenant hasn’t paid. Send e-mail and SMS reminders easily from within the system – 64% of tenants respond within 48 hours.

Andre Langeveldt quote

Andre Langeveldt

Tyson Properties

“When PayProp warns us a tenant is in arrears, we know we have to take action.”

Don't let arrears get out of hand.

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