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Letting Agent Software - dashboard view
Bank-Integrated feature

Your trust account balances are live and 100% accurate

PayProp is integrated into the South African banking system, so your landlord and tenant account balances are regularly updated throughout the day and accurate to the cent.

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Automated reconciliation

No more spreadsheets, highlighters and bank statements

Match payments to the right tenants in a few seconds – no matter how your tenants choose to pay.

Automated Reconciliation feature
Automated Outgoing Payments feature
Automated outgoing payments

Pay recipients faster with full control over payments

Based on rules you set, PayProp pays your commission, contractors, landlords and other recipients chosen by you. All this can happen on the same day your tenant pays the rent.

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Automated reporting and communication

Keep everyone informed

Automate your tenant invoicing, payment notifications and reminders.


Automated invoicing and tenant payment notifications


Automated statements and landlord communications

Letting Agents
Rental agents

Comprehensive reporting and live transactional information

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Live arrears management

Spot and prevent bad payment behaviour

Catch arrears before they become a problem with live payment status views. Send proactive reminders via e-mail and SMS to prompt tenants to pay their rent.

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Live arrears management feature
Complete portfolio overview feature
Portfolio overview

See your portfolio health at a glance

Detailed dashboards show the properties under your management, money flows, high-risk tenants and much more in one place.

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Owner App

Keep your landlords happy

Say goodbye to once-a-month statements – give landlords a complete overview of all their properties and payments with the PayProp Owner App on iOS and Android.

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Live Landlord Views feature
Tenant Assessment Report feature
Tenant Assessment Report

Find the best tenants for your landlords

PayProp’s industry-leading Tenant Assessment Report uniquely combines traditional credit scores with rental payment data to give you the best indication if a tenant can afford the rent.

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Unit Management

Automation for social housing, sectional title and commercial portfolios

Get the same amazing payment, reconciliation and portfolio management features for bigger developments. It’s PayProp, but bigger.

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Unit Management
Property Account feature
Property Account

Hassle-free access to emergency repairs funds

Keep your clients and contractors happy with this easy-access repairs float for those unexpected property expenses. Landlords earn interest on the money saved in the account and contractors get paid sooner.

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PayProp Tenant Portal

One place for tenants to manage their payments online

Give your tenants a quick, secure and convenient way to pay and view their entire payment history, rent due and deposits held.

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image of PayProp Tenant portal feature
Integrations feature

Connect PayProp to market-leading apps and platforms

Connect with and share data from our platform with the tools and apps your business relies on, saving you time and reducing human error.

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South African support team

Professional support and training

Our friendly South African-based team of platform experts are ready to help you and your agency thrive.


Features at a glance


Live and accurate balances

Automated payments


Intelligent matching of incoming payments


More ways for tenants to pay



Make payments the same day you receive the rent


Never pay a landlord with someone else's rent


Reconcile your entire portfolio in a couple of clicks



Issue invoices and statements with the push of a button


Automatically notify tenants when you receive the rent


Auto-generate professional client invoices

Join thousands of rental agents who thrive on our payment automation platform.

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