Thousands of leading property managers, including Pam Golding, Seeff and Just Property, are growing their rental portfolios with PayProp. Find out how your business can deliver payments that are trusted, automated, easy to use, and affordable.

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Payment automation

PayProp securely collects payments from tenants, pays all beneficiaries, and then pays your commission directly into your bank account.

On the fly reconciliation

PayProp's real-time reconciliation of payments significantly reduces risk exposure, as exception transactions are immediately identified and located.

Built-in regulatory compliance

PayProp provides transparency and accountability, ring-fenced damage deposits, and automatically reconciled trust accounts.

Real-time reporting

PayProp's advanced online database captures and stores all payment data in one central place that you can access from anywhere and on any device.

Free training & support

PayProp has an expert team of implementation, training and customer support professionals to assist you every step of the way.

Simple & affordable pricing

It's time to stop paying extra fees. Any property manager can afford PayProp - there are no long term contracts and you can cancel at any time.

Risk management

Get access to innovative solutions that apply insurance and capital market strategies to help you pre-emptively manage risk.