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PayProp Capital is proud to introduce the PayProp Tenant Assessment Report, which combines tenants' historic payment behaviour with their future propensity to pay, delivering deeper insight into tenant risk. It is available exclusively to PayProp clients for only R45.00 (incl. VAT) per check.

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What is the Tenant Assessment Report?

The PayProp Tenant Assessment Report is custom-built to deliver one of the holy grails of the letting industry - the answer to a question asked by all our clients and their landlords: "Will this tenant be able to pay his rent?" And it does so in a totally unique way.

All this functionality has been integrated into the PayProp platform. Available exclusively to PayProp clients, the first report is free. Each report thereafter will cost R45.00 (incl. VAT) - the source credit data is provided completely free of charge. In addition, should a tenant convert to a DepositGuarantee policy, you will have the full cost of the report reimbursed to you PayProp account!

What is included in the report?

The Tenant Assessment Report uses a model that draws on masses of actual PayProp transaction data to predict probable payment behaviour of individual tenants, and directly queries the databases of our major credit bureau partner, Compuscan. We ask very different questions than normal credit checks and get back answers that reveal much more than someone's ability to pay a retail store account; answers that allow our client to better manage their tenant risk.

The PayProp Tenant Assessment Report offers PayProp agents and landlords true perspective on the affordability of the rental amount, based on the prospective tenant's current level of indebtedness (versus isolated debts focused on by traditional credit checks). And if you want to query the detail behind the report, we provide the underlying source data with each report, free of charge.

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